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AC is incredibly appliance. They’re always at home, they should be always working right, and they provide us fresh and cool air day and day out. Ac is so convenient, We forget that they are machines that need care, We need Ac service and Ac maintenance and Ac repairing in order to keep them work and give us efficiently work. When something happens wrong with electronics devices, it can cause a surprise because we have to know that the temperature of Dubai is too much hot and it is very difficult to live without Ac. if your Ac doesn’t work at full swing then I can cause us a problem. if an Ac causes a problem then it needs repairing and we are always there for our valuable customers to you don’t need to worry about Ac service or Ac maintenance or Ac repairing

There are different things in the AC which can cause a problem that should be repaired.

Ac Repair and Ac maintenance for the following models.

  • Split AC
  • Window AC
  • Water Chiller AC
  • Duct AC
  • Central AC


The brands which we used for repairing of Ac repair or Ac maintenance.


  • Zanussi Ac
  • Ariston Ac
  • Bosch Ac
  • Siemens Ac
  • Teka Ac
  • Baumatic Ac
  • LG Ac
  • Samsung Ac
  • Daewoo Ac
  • Indesit Ac
  • Maytag Ac
  • General Ac

Tm Technical Team has a professional technician who is fully trained and well aware of the problem solutions we can be available there with the following problem solution. You can check our best and affordable services for the Ac repairing.

  • Electrical Repairs
  • Top Up cooling gas filling
  • Cleaning of clots in channels
  • Compressor replacement or repair
  • complete ac service
  • Important parts replacement
  • Pc change
  • motor repair

So don’t hesitate and just give us a call we will be there for your service at any time 24/7. we give service in which our customers get satisfied and nothing is more important for us than any other things

We have affordable prices for our valuable customers we go for the problem solution which our customer needs.

Our Mission

We are expert in ac repair and ac maintenance in Dubai. we have worked for so many years and we have a lot of customers satisfaction and trust on our back. We want to be there at the time of the customer need. whenever our customers need us we are always available to give a satisfactory level of Ac Maintenance and Repair service to our customers. We can install your costly appliances in your home for efficient and easy usage. We will also make sure that the device is installed as recommended by the manufacturer to run Efficiently and Economically. By servicing the items at regular intervals you can ensure that your appliance is running efficiently and economically. Our service includes AC installation Dubai, Ac service Dubai, Chillers repair Dubai, Ac maintenance Dubai and all over which includes in AC.
Ac repair is very well known professionals in the field of Ac maintenance and Repairing. Our expert team of professionals is really working for the best and efficient result. They work in a very professional way that they take care of all responsibilities of AC maintenance and servicing. we make sure that we should be available at 24/7 time to our customer for Ac installation Dubai, Ac repairs Dubai, Ac Maintenance Dubai, Ac Service Dubai.
  • Complete Ac Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Fit Out Services
  • Fan Motor Repairing
  • AC service Dubai
  • Ac repair Dubai
  • Gas Top Up
  • AC Installation
  • Gas maintenance Dubai
  • Compressor Replacement

24/7 availality

wе аrе соmmіttеd tо customer satisfaction wіth quality and we are available at just one call away from you. We give full and complete Ac service and always are on time. Call before to book an appointment.

Affordable prices

Our Prices are not above the market for the AC Repair in Dubai and secondly with good earning we want a good relationship with our customers which is more important for us.

No hidden cost

We have a special charge for our customers of AC Repair. We have different service deals in which we try to adjust our customer because that's deals are in favor of respectable customers.

Certified Mechanics

We have a professional team of technicians who are experts in their domain of Ac installation and maintainence. Our team is very well aware of the latest tools.
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